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War of the Ring

J.R.R. Tolkien created a fantasy world that has become a landmark of fantasy writing. Its main strength is the richness and completeness of the world it is set in. Tolkien stole Middle Earth from Germanic mythology, but added so much of his own to it, that it became a unique place. Like in the original myths, there is a lot of fighting going on, from small skirmishes to full wars. The grandest of them all is the War of the Ring, where "ordinary" battles are mixed with magic and reduced to a sideshow of the real competition: the quest to destroy the One Ring, the symbol of absolute power, in Mount Doom.
This concept is so intruiging that several game companies have created board games and computer games based on it, so that players can be part of the story, rather than just reading it. One of these is a board game "War of the Ring" by Nexus Editrice. It is rich game with nicely carved figurines, fancy colored dice and a large stack of event cards to spice up the plot in unpredictable ways. I like it, but not enough. For me, it strays too far from the book without adding enough of its own. So I decided to create a new game, using most materials from Nexus Editrice, but with different rules. The result is a quite different game that follows the story more closely, but can still stray in many different ways.

If you own a copy of Nexus Editrice's game, consider to try it out! The manual for my game can be found here: War of the Ring.