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In the 21st century, with movies, videos, virtual reality and instant-info reading is a dying phenomenon. Yet for centuries the written word has been the vehicle of informatie transfer. And still a book, in a gossamer play of words, can fill the head with ideas and sensations that are beyond the reach of the multimedia. This page is for hose who appreciate reading and are looking for new word play. The focus is on the genres that are the most imaginative of all literature: science fiction and fantasy.
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Writers who you simply must read:

Robert Heinlein Imagination at its best.
Robert Howard About a skald lost in the modern age.
Jack Vance Science fiction / fantasy grandmaster.
J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of fantasy.
Valerian and Laureline Not words but images

It should come as no surprise that a fan of reading has tried his hand at writing too. Here is some prose of my own:

Bror A short short scifi story about escapism
Shooting marbles A short story where humanity's fate takes a sharp turn
Surviving the Permian A short story about the unforgiving desert
The Stab A short short story that the main chararacter would rather not have being told