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This page is a miscellany for Richard's personal observations, opinions, ideas and facts dug up, be it philosphical, political, playful, or nondescript. The author deems this material interesting enough to publish on the World Wide Web. Read on to judge for yourself.

Estrangement (Real) examples of surrealism
Godless A document that presents arguments in favor of atheism, reason, science and liberty; and against superstition, religion and totalitarianism
A sensible world view A metaphor that uses human senses as a view to the world
Wargame War and games are blending in
Exploding source Why some software projects grow over the top.
Zen An introduction to the unexplainable phenomenon of Zen.
Steam is evil An attack on Valve's dubious software distribution policies.
Energy consumption A quantified look at our personal energy consumption.
No cars Why you should avoid cars and how to do it.
The western police state A political document, showing how our dear democracies are sliding into becoming police states.
Take a chance ... The basics of chances and risks
Will open source software conquer the market? Article on open source vs. commercial software
Knowledge Management A theoretical background on knowledge management, plus practical tips for using it in business
Cyborgs are coming A story to destroy the fear of cyborgs, or does it just enlarge this?