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No cars

suv The advice of this article is: Don't drive a car unless you have to, which is seldom.
Many people will denounce this. Cars are fast, comfortable and get you everywhere. In modern day life you just need a car. And why we're talking about it, why give it up anyway?
The short answer to that last question is to say that cars have evolved from a useful transport vehicle to a big problem. The long answer is listed below.

Avon river I have a drivers license.

I used to drive daily to and from work, because my work locations where hard to reach by public transport. But during the years I have grown wiser. I switched to travelling by train, combined with a folding bicycle. In that way I travelled all over the country, without ever needing a car. Recently I managed to find work closer to home and now I even don't need the train anymore. I still drive cars, to help a friend to move to another house, or to transport heavy goods. I do that about ... twice a year.

I live in modern day life. I don't own car; I don't need it. If I can do it, why can't you?