Resume Richard Lemmens

Senior IT-professional with 26 years of working experience. Solid computer science background supplemented with broad experience in software development, consultancy and system management. Focus on software development, but also at ease in integrations, migrations and maintenance. Creative, fast working, attentive to knowledge sharing and development.

At the moment I am a software developer and aim to explore that function more; the work is fun and challenging. Regarding writing software I am primarily a 'back-end' developer, though familiar with several types: desktop applications; websites; databases; background processes; cloud services. This varies from small utilities of a few lines of code to large complex systems of 15.000 lines or more. I always keep maintainability, adaptability and performance in mind, can develop independently and in teams. .NET and Azure are at this moment my flagships, but at home I prefer to run Linux.
I can write software myself, but also make couplings with software from others or evaluate products. Because of broad experience as consultant I keep attention to the customer perspective. I am well able to translate abstract ideas for products to concrete functional specifications and technical design and implement and maintain that too.




Besides courses and seminars I keep my expertise up to date by selfstudy, at the workfloor or in my own time. A good book and some room to try out matters zaken can be just as useful as class education.


Employers and jobs:

OIS software developer

Within OIS I work at the 'back end' of OIS R4 and integrate the system with other components.

ISSC IT-specialist

At the ISSC I laid down the foundations of an iRODS-implementation.

Qompas senior software developer

Within Qompas I was responsible for many systems and parts of systems. My portfolio included websites, desktop applications, databases, Windows services, Azure worker roles and Amazon lambda's. I developed several Content Management Systems in WPF that Qompas employees use to manage database content in a user-friendly way. Sometimes I did product evaluations for thirdparty software, but if the demands were too specific I wrote the software myself. As my greatest achievement here I list a self-made system with which email marketing campaigns can be run, including integration with a user account database and automatic reporting.
At Qompas I introduced .NET, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC and Amazon AWS, and acted as spearhead for Microsoft Azure.

  • Survey-tool
  • Email marketing system
  • Content Management Systems
  • Generic study choicetest
  • Many small utilities

Capgemini Tridion consultant

From Tridion I switched to Capgemini. Here again I did a lot of consultancy, almost exclusively for Tridion Dialogserver. The focus was on integration of Tridion with customer systems, my speciality at the time. During my last months at Capgemini I dived into Microsoft .NET and used that knowledge in one project. Customer projects:

  • 04/2006 - 06/2006 Ministry of Justice
  • 10/2005 - 04/2006 Robeco
  • 07/2005 - 09/2005 SenterNovem
  • 02/2005 - 07/2005 ABN Amro

Tridion internet product developer

After years of consultancy I switched to software development within Tridion, where I could start to use knowledge gained during my studies. I worked within the Integration team and contributed to several projects by implementing parts and applying unit testing. For de Content Porter I was lead developer, responsible for coordination and reporting. Projects:

  • WebForms 1.0
  • SiteEdit WYSIWYG interface
  • Integration with a spellchecker
  • Compound Documents
  • Content Porter 2.0
  • WebDAV
  • Business Connector
  • Archiving module
  • Sales demo

Tridion knowledge consultant

After external work at Tridion I switched to internal work, as knowledge consultant. I had already founded the Tridion Knowledge Community forum. This was joined by several projects to streamline the flow of knowledge inside Tridion. In this period and also after I did keep maintaining the Tridion Knowledge forum, which has proven to be highly succesful. Internal projects in the period 10/2000 - 09/2001:

  • Salesdemo: Projectleader and developer
  • Single-source documentation methodology: Design and implementation of a prototype
  • Knowlede base: Design and implementation of a prototype

Tridion technical consultant

At Tridion I started as technisch consultant, one of the first three. Tasks included advice and assistance with the implementation of Tridion Dialogserver for websites and integration with customer systems. Also I developed a large part of the the Tridion technical training and presented training to consultants and customer personnel. The work was international, with projects in Sweden, Ireland and England. Customer projects in the period 08/1999 - 09/2000:

  • Consultivity: Workflow concept & implementation, supervision over the total technical architecture
  • iVenus: Coaching of junior consultants, design & implementation of navigation functions and database integration
  • Scania importer websites: Design & implementation of navigation functions, training & coashing of Scania personnel

Pink Elephant webmaster

My last assignment at Pink Elephant was a position as webmaster. Here I maintained the content and appearance of the website, promoted its use and expanded the technical functionality. Customer:

  • 05/1998 - 06/1999 Shell Learning Centre Noordwijkerhout

Pink Elephant knowledge expert

Besides activities at customers I have been active within Pink Elephant itself too. Within the specialist group ITIL Service Support I reported on trends and coached workgroups. Next to that I operated as driving force for the knowledge management project, delivering a concrete knowledge scan.

  • 06/1995 - 01/1998 member of internal specialist group
  • 01/1998 - 08/1998 member of knowledge management projectteam

Pink Elephant consultant

After my first years at Pink Elephant I moved on to technical consultant. I worked with adapting Windows to specific demands from customers, designed hard- amd (application)software tests, trained and coached other consultants and installers, documented, done datamigrations and temporary network management. Customers:

  • 02/1998 Brand Beerbrewery
  • 08/1997 - 12/1997 Shell Pernis
  • 03/1997 - 07/1997 Shell Den Haag
  • 01/1997 - 03/1997 Shell Italia

Pink Elephant helpdesk employee

My first job was at Pink Elephant Industry. In the early years I did a lot of helpdesk work. It was below my level, but very useful to develop a customer- and resultperspective to IT. The bulk of the work was 1st and 2nd line support, together with system management and network management. Customers:

  • 09/1998 - 12/1998 Shell EP Rijswijk
  • 05/1996 - 11/1996 Brocacef
  • 02/1994 - 04/1996 Akzo Rotterdam
  • 06/1993 - 12/1993 Avery Dennison Nederland


  Old Minimal Fair Good
Programming C; C++; Delphi; Lisp; Pascal; Perl; Prolog; VBScript; Visual Basic PL/SQL Java, Python C# / .NET; LINQ
Tools Tridion 3; XML; XML Schema; XSLT Apache HTTPD; Nginx; Puppet, Redis WCF; ElasticSearch  
Cloud     Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure
Databases   Cassandra; Neo4j; Oracle iRODS SQL Server
Front-end   JQuery; Bootstrap; Qt AvaloniaUI; CSS; JavaScript HTML; ASP.Net (MVC); WPF
OS AS/400; DOS; PDP/RSTS; UNIX; VAX/VMS   Linux Windows


Longsword fighting, bicycling fast, writing fiction, amateur history research, RPG's.